Course curriculum

OSHA 10 Certification

As an auditor, you will be climbing ladders, inspecting various areas of a building, walking on roofs and using stairwells.  You will need to be aware of the hazards and how to mitigate them.  OSHA 10 training and certification will provide the student with the basic understanding of general construction hazards and covers 29 CFR 1926 regulations.  The student will receive their own DOL card.

Building Science

Auditors must understand the basic principles of building science and how they impact our work.  We touch on applicable building codes, air barrier concepts and materials, the House as a System, Insulation principles and materials, Roofing and Wall Assemblies.


Auditors will learn the three basic types of air barrier components and their function.  Spray Applied Polyurethane Foam, Caulks and Sealants and Membranes are covered in the Products section.

Construction Experience and Exposure

This series of lectures takes the auditor through construction related material such as drawings and details, specifications, materials and estimating and general construction sequencing.